Sex Down South  is a three-day sex and sexuality conference taking place October 13th-15th, 2016 in Atlanta, GA.  The conference will conclude on Saturday night with our exclusive Big Bang Event ball featuring an endless array of flirtatious revelry, erotic demonstrations, and deliciously diverse (and perverse!) entertainment!

Expect over 50 presenters and workshops to choose from including appearances by nationally noted Sex Celebs.

This year’s theme is “The Politics of Pleasure.” With the upcoming election right on our heels, we want presenters to show how our personal politics can affect our sexual lives. In addition, we would like presenters to show us how our personal politics can affect society-at-large, and how we as people, use love to influence our politics.

Just come!

Subjects to be addressed and explored include:

  • Sacred/Spiritual/Tantric Sexuality
  • Religion & Sexuality
  • BDSM/Kink/Costume Play
  • Polyamory/Non-monogamy
  • Sex in the South/Geographical implications on Sexuality
  • Race & Sexuality
  • Aging & Sexuality
  • Sex & Disability
  • Youth Sex Education
  • Communication & Healthy Relationships
  • Single Life
  • Trans* & Genderqueer Sexualities
  • Lesbian/Gay/Same Gender Loving/Bisexual/Queer Sexualities
  • Sexuality in Academia
  • Sexual Liberation/Sexual Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Sex Worker Rights
  • Trauma and Sexuality

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