Sex Down South is proud to present “The Big Bang”, a sex-positive erotic extravaganza like no other! Succumb to the whims and wiles of our incredibly talented cast of diverse performers from all over the country as you peruse the tantalizing wares of dozens of local vendors! Stage show featuring: Sensual croonings and gyrations by King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine! Sizzling burlesque naughtiness from Andre Shakti! Razor-sharp wordsmithing from Tina ATL! Stimulating live vocals by Madam CJ! Intersectional musings and stylings of the multitalented Tori Grace Nichols! Panty-dropping performance art from Eshe Shukura! With special guest appearances by the original “love doctors”, the renowned Punany Poets! Hosted by enigmatic Baltimore phenomenon Love the Poet! Don’t miss the show that EVERYONE will be raving about!

andre-shakti-i Andre Shakti andre-shakti-ii

Andre Shakti is an educator, performer, activist, and professional slut living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de-stigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously. Andre wrestles mediocre white men into submission and writes about sex work, queerness and non-monogamy for Cosmopolitan, Harlot, MEL, Vice, and more. She can frequently be found marathoning Law & Order: SVU under a chaotic pile of partners and pitbulls, and yes, she knows how problematic that show is. Visit her on Twitter @andreshakti, on FB as “Andre Shakti”, and at (NSFW).

Punany Poets

Created by author Jessica Holter in 1995, The Punany Poets are pioneers erotic urban theater, celebrating 21 years in the business of love. They have been featured HBO’s Real Sex, BET, Playboy TV, Cinemax & London 5 with their audacious hands-on theatrical blend of poetry, exotic dance, and sex education with audience interaction. Their romantic comedy show is on tour year-round, in the United States, and the Caribbean. With their collection of books, music and video, they invite you to take Punany home for an encore performance of your own. Find out more about The Punany Poets at or subscribe to their YouTube Channel at

eshe-i Eshe Shukura  eshe-ii

Esh’ likes it rough, like painfully honest and cathartic, her words are usually deep …tonight they’re raunchy! She was a theatre major, and is currently a sporadic local performance artist with a queer, fat, and black lens. She loves to play, and everyone is welcome on her grounds.

madam-cj-i Madam CJ madam-cj-ii

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, MADAM CJ may be small in stature, but is uniquely multi-talented and big in personality. As well as being a powerhouse vocalist, she is also a songwriter, entertainer, foodie, green enthusiast & entrepreneur.

jet-setting-jasmine-ii Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire king-noire-ii

Jet Setting Jasmine, a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a Bachelors of Art in Sociology, Masters of Clinical Social Work and Masters in Aging Studies, Jasmine has an innate ability and desire to help others normalize fetishes and enhance all areas of intimacy & wellness. Jet Setting Jasmine brand is involved with producing XXX Royal Fetish Film, Fantasy Flight parties, elevation products and more. Jasmine is currently touring showcasing Steel and Stilettos Fitness and presenting a lecture series on Intimacy Post Injury.

King Noire’s, also known as Hasan Salaam, passion is pleasure and he is driven by freedom, justice & equality for all. King has toured the world via Hip-Hop and organized as a human rights projects in Guinea Bissau West Africa, Palestine & his home state of New Jersey. King began his career in adult entertainment as a nude model for magazines and adult websites. He enjoyed and learned a great deal during years of live shows, fetish trainings and performing for XXX companies such as Scoreland, Bang Bros, Plumper Pass & Private Society. King and Jasmine have recently launched Royal Fetish Films, an adult film company that allows clients’ to tailor their most intimate fantasies and fetishes and co-produce XXX films.

tina-atl-i Tina ATL tina-atl-ii

TinaATL, Queen of Erotica In Atlanta. The True essence, the sensual, passionate-filled carnal characteristic quality of poetry and author, is the host/founder of the only monthly themed Erotic and sensual open mic in Atlanta “Titillating Tongues” since 2011 and the CEO of Purple Pearl Productions which produces major annual shows every year like “Naughty Night”.

tori-grace-nichols-i Tori Grace Nichols tori-grace-nichols-ii

Grace is a queer, gender queer artist and activist. They feel called to cultivate wholeness and healing through performance and education, and they really, really enjoy making people feel good. 😉