Take a look at our healing squad!

sketch1474038697037Alexandra Tyler LCSW

I am a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Atlanta. I work primarily with the LGBTQQAI, poly, kink, BDSM, and sex worker communities. I help individuals and groups of people in relationships learn cooperative communication, and how to heal from or cope with depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, and life/relationship changes.

img_0033Ekua Adisa McCrae

Ekua is a Black, queer, gender creative healing artist, ritual performer, and grassroots liberationist. At Sex Down South, they will be offering ritual magic for the healing and wellbeing of all those present, tools for comfort, balance, and healing, as well as Intuitive Healing Sessions and Ancestral Guidance Sessions at a reduced rate exclusive to conference attendees. http://www.ekuaadisa.com

14608014_10101125645923674_871190071_nGrace Nichols

Grace is a queer, gender queer performance artist currently touring across the country. With a background in creative arts therapy, Grace often incorporates music, movement, art or poetry into their healing work. They will be bringing instruments and art supplies to Sex Down South, offering personal serenades, song writing/jam sessions, and sing alongs. They have also been an art model for seven years and will gladly pose for anyone who would like to draw or paint them (feel free to bring your own art supplies!). They are also an awesome listener and cuddler. Just let them know what you need! You can learn more about them and their work at www.torigracenichols.com, follow them on fb @torigracenichols, and on twitter and instagram @tori2grace.

image1Maisha Najuma Aza

Maisha Najuma Aza is a black, queer/lesbian co-parent of two teens, a partner and an ecstatic lover. She is also a certified Tantra sacred intimacy coach, a certified reiki practitioner, a certified massage therapist, and a Shaman priestess, with a Master’s degree in social work. She is the founder of A Life Alive Consulting and Black Girl Tantra (http://www.alifealiveconsulting.com), in Atlanta, GA (and beyond), where she uses the erotic marriage of spirituality and sexuality, to provide sexual healing and experiential workshops.

Maisha’s deeply accepting, open and down-to-earth energy makes her work especially powerful! She simultaneously weaves in her Black lesbian activist roots and her social work background to create comprehensive experiential healing sessions that impact the multidimensional aspects of a person’s psycho-sexual, physical, spiritual and energetic world.

Services include:

Sexual healing practices/techniques
Tantra sacred Intimacy Coaching
Holding energetic space for what emotionally arises
Shamanic reiki/energy boost
Erotic breathing for regenerating
Spiritual consulting

image1-2Arty Lynn

Wholly Awakened on Facebook

I’m trained in several Western modalities including:
🔸Deep Tissue
🔸Trigger Point Therapy
🔸Sports therapy and more
Along with these basics, I have been focusing my practice with holistic and Eastern modalitites like:
🔹sound therapy
🔹chakra balancing w/ Tigger Point
To accompany this work, I offer consultations in:
▪️processing chakra imbalance
▪️custom blessed bath and body products

With Wholly Awakened aiming to help facilitate integration and healing throughout the body, mind and spirit as the core principle, we generate community healing starting with the Self. I bring awareness to emotional trauma stored in the body in order to release it through massage, tarot and hand-made product blessed for each individual. With priority geared toward fellow healers, activists, and organizers, my work promotes healing within, so they, in turn, can give back! I envision this ripple effect of help and support to fuel our collective vision of a brighter future. I provide guidance to a healthier outlook on self-care and how to make it effective. Long-term, I want to play my part in creating healing-centered communal spaces with all types of practitioners under the same roof in the name of community. Healthy and self-aware folx, generating movement, produce quality radical change!