Sex Down South is proud to present “The Big Bang”, a sex-positive erotic extravaganza like no other! Succumb to the whims and wiles of our incredibly talented cast of diverse performers from all over the country as you peruse the tantalizing wares of dozens of local vendors! Stage show featuring: Sensual gravity-defying antics from Polelateaz! Sizzling burlesque naughtiness from Sadie Hawkins! Razor-sharp wordsmithing from Curvaceous Brown! Humorous, glamorous striptease from Lola LeSoleil! Panty-dropping performance art from Eshe! AND MORE! Hosted by notorious genderbending vaudevillian Johnny Blazes! Don’t miss the show that EVERYONE will be raving about!



Host – Johnny Blazes

Johnny Blazes  is a vaudeville performer who is notorious throughout the United States for combining glitter with sophistication, clowning with drag and burlesque. Johnny combines gender-blending irreverence with powerhouse vocals as the frontman of soul/funk band Johnny Blazes and The Pretty Boys. Johnny is on the Editorial Board of Salacious Magazine and their collaborative work with artist and IMsL title-holder KD Diamond can be found in Gender Outlaws 2: The Next Generation.

Performances By

Lola LeSoleil I

Lola LeSoleil

Lola LeSoleil‘s award-winning burly-q blends the right amount of humor and glamour to launch crowds to their feet from coast to coast. She’s an instructor at the Atlanta School of Burlesque and is a member of several local ensembles including The Candybox Revue and Mayhem Femmes.


Lee Harrington

Sadie II

Sadie Hawkins

Sadie is a gravity-defying fireball. A burlesque aerialist, fire performance artist and producer based in Atlanta, her aerial and fire performance is charged with a burlesque sensibility, often fusing them into performance art. Over a decade since burlesque debut in 2004, Sadie travels extensively to perform at corporate events, festivals and local productions: she was headliner of the inaugural Virginia Burlesque and Sideshow Festival in 2013; in 2014, she launched Last Pasties Standing, an improv burlesque game show that has grown into a successful event both in Atlanta and around the Southeast; in 2015, she began the Cheap Thrills! series of DIY-on-a-budget variety shows. She is also the Branch Manager of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Atlanta and has partnered with Talloolah Love to introduce Naked Girls Reading Atlanta.

Polelateaz I


PoleLaTeaz is Atlanta’s premier studio for pole dance classes, exotic dance classes, lap dance classes, striptease workshops, and sensual dance! It’s a workout you won’t forget!
The mission of PoleLaTeaz (like “Pilates”) is to offer women of all ages a unique form of exercise dedicated to strengthening and toning their bodies while unleashing their inner goddess in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Every woman will feel empowered and confident as they develop their pole and sensual movement skills through our signature blend of pole fitness, dance and self-expression.

Curv Brown

Curv Brown

Curv Brown (aka Curvaceous) is an artist of erotica {a poet, a performer, a painter}. Her mission is inspiring adults to freely and safely participate in consensual sex. This Atlanta native’s book, If My Cherry Could Talk, is currently available.

Eshe Shukura


Esh’ likes it rough, like painfully honest and cathartic, her words are usually deep …tonight they’re raunchy! She was a theatre major, and is currently a sporadic local performance artist with a queer, fat, and black lens. She loves to play, and everyone is welcome on her grounds.


Micky Bradford

Micky, Co-founder of Southern Fried Queer Pride festival, like the House/Ballroom scene, draws from many reservoirs of inspiration and power. Her most notable references are: film essays and spoken word poetry inspired by the late Black gay HIV/AIDS activist Marlon Riggs and the unapologetic post-colonial dancing of Josephine Baker. Micky is…a ButchQueen for Justice.


Ella Rex

Ellisorous Rex has been performing for three years in and around the Atlanta area. She is the show organizer and host of “Gurlfrandz,” a monthly themed drag show held the first Saturday of the month at Mary’s in East Atlanta Village.


The Momma’s Boyz


MOMMA’s BOYZ sole intention is to entertain you with “all the way live” performances. Three handsome studs giving you their sexy style of old skool hip hop and R&B. ALL LIVE VOCALS! Their style is that of the Old Skool Hip Hop from the 70’s ,80’s and ’90’s. They believe this music has the clean, pure funk that is The Momma’s Boyz. MCs Alex U. Inn, Ryder Moore, with sexy crooner Mailman, are very committed to giving their audiences a true feeling from the era of their songs.  Even down to only sporting vintage Adidas. These dope Drag King sensations performed at EuroPride in Rome, Italy and played for the same crowd waiting for Lady Gaga!! “People are you ready to make some noise?…”Then let’s give it up for the MOMMA’s BOYZ!!!”


Molly Moonlight

Molly Moonlight is somewhat new to the burlesque scene, but the stage has been her home for almost her entire life. Using her background in musical theatre, she creates performances that combine elements of storytelling, sass and humor. She is a member of The Secret City burlesque troupe and Damsels in Undress, both based out of Athens, GA. Her recent performances include Cheap Thrills! (with Damsels in Undress) and Last Pasties Standing, both in Atlanta. Molly’s dream is to help others to love their own bodies and dare to do something they’re passionate about.


Monet Magnolia

Monet Magnolia is a fist shakin’, shimmy shakin’, stilletto wearing, glitter sharing Hell raising Femme burlesque performer, singer and Diva from Louisville, KY. Monet is ecstatic to be performing at the Big Bang Event.