Conference Schedule

**schedule is subject to change**



Time Workshop Presenter(s)
10a – 11a BDSM/Poly and the Law Lady Steele
Pleasure Principles Tyomi Morgan
10a – 12:15p Does Yes Always Mean Yes?: Exploring the Nuances of Enthusiastic Consent Through the Lens of Trauma Response Camille Zimmerman, Emmy Johnson
  White People Serving as Allies for POC in AltSex Communities: Using White Privilege Against Itself Elisabeth Sheff
  Below the (Bible) Belt: Discovering and Communicating Sexual Ethics in the South Caroline Black & Virginia Goss
  Transgressive Sex – Awareness, Power, and Pleasure Madame Estrella
  Permission to Receive Pleasure – Achieve a Pleasure Based Lifestyle from the Neck Down Desiree N. Robinson
  Birds, Bees and Wolves: How to use The Talk as a tool to End Child Sexual Abuse Ignacio Rivera
11:15a – 12:15p Queer & Trans Sexual Health “Educator Andy” Duran
Sex Mechanics 101 Tyomi Morgan


12:30p – 1:15p | Welcome: Park Cannon | Opening Keynote “Finding Your Space Within Sexuality” by Tyomi Morgan

Brown Bag Lunch Activity | Intimacy Improv (it’s not what you say, it’s how you play!) with Cameryn Moore


Time Workshop Presenter(s)
2:45p – 3:45p Straight Talk: Hetero Mono Dialogues Stacey Herrera
Color Me Fluid: The Effects of a Bisexual Identity on Ethnic Minority Women Dr. Kesi Shaw
Cock Confidence Sinclair Sexsmith
2:45p – 5p Black Women’s Sexual Empowerment: Liberating Our Bodies & Communities Shayla D. Tumbling
  Sexualizing Cancer Ericka Hart
  Sex Ed Without the Sex Cavanaugh Quick
  Rape Play for Queer and Trans Feminists Ignacio Rivera
  Making Open Relationships Work Tristan Taormino
4p – 6:15p Sex, HIV and The New Millennium Woman – HIV Prevention For The Next Generation Nichole Diva
  Savvy Strap-On Seduction Andre Shakti
  Trigger Warning: Staying Cool, Calm, & Collected in a Seriously Fucked-Up World Sinclair Sexsmith
  Gender-Free Genitals: Exploring Eroticism Without Expectation Sir Claire Black
5:15p – 6:15p Radical Sex Positive Parenting Sexual Liberation Collective
  Embodied Consent and the Cultural Lie of Sexual Desirability Elle Chase, ACS
  Non-Phallocentric Views of Sex Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke
  Living a Juicy and Orgasmic Life Brion and Karen Craig


7:30p – 8:30p | Welcome: Marla & Tia | Keynote “The Sexual Politics of BDSM” by Sinclair Sexsmith

9p – 12am | The Little Bang



Time Workshop Presenter(s)
9a – 10a Naked Yoga for Every Body Anandalila
  Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ Jasmine Johnson-DeCosta
10a – 11a Megasexual: Demystifying and Destigmatizing the Slut Rebecca Hiles
10a – 12:15p Let’s Cuddle! Eliminating Stress & Building Connection Shayla D. Tumbling
  Bondage and Meditation Orpheus Black
  Making Consent Sexy Tal Peretz
  Trans-Queering Your Sex Ignacio Rivera
  Sensual Energetic BDSM Cazembe Abena/Lord Vesper
  Knuckle Up!: Fisting & Manual Sex Andre Shakti
  FILM SCREENING: Queer Moxie Heather Provoncha, Leo Hollen, Jr, Treah Caldwell Sutphin,  Coco Devereaux, Caitlin Childs
  Healing Sexual Trauma through Tantra Maisha Najuma Aza
11:15a – 12:15p Reclaiming the Words Used Against Us Maggie Heatley


Brown Bag Lunch Activity | Written In The Flesh Erotic Readings with Yoseñio V Lewis


Time Workshop Presenter(s)
1:45p – 2:45p Black Folks Do!!: Polyamory In Urban Communities Nichole Diva
  “To be GNC: how we ‘posed to love?” Tyrell Cooper
  Clear Connections, Convulsing Conversations: Phone Sex, Sexting, and Beyond! Alicia Ortiz
1:45p – 4p Asians and Sex: How Policies and Media Affect Sexual Stereotypes and Health of Asian Americans Sadia Arshad
  The Erotic Art of Fire Play Orpheus Black
  Exploring the Landscape of your Sexuality Through Art Cristopher K. Belous, Annai Lopez-Tavira, Danielle M. Tidwell
  Love the Whore You’re With: Open to Sex Workers, Allies, & Partners Andre Shakti
  FILM SCREENING: Moods & Moments Onyx Keesha & Xen Shinobii
3p – 4p When Sex is Scary: Discussing Sexual Abuse in Intimate Partner Relationships Dr. Natasha Watson Mack
Black Men Smile: Broadening the Conversation about Black Masculinity Devan Dmarcus and Carlton Mackey
3p – 5:15p A Gender Agenda Yosenio V. Lewis
  Kink: Let’s get Visual Samuel Brinton, Jessica Ratchford, Greer Williams, Jules Seabright, Tesha Davis
4:15p – 5:15p The Adult Industry for People of Color Jasmine Decosta & King Noire
  Get Your Play On! The 101 of Sex and Play Parties Sexual Liberation Collective
  Oshun Did It: Ancient Africa’s Sex-Positive Spirituality Ama McKinley
  Reality Bites: When Kink turns Silver Lady D
  Lip Service: Guided Kissing Games Dr. Ruthie
  Intro to BDSM & Kink Mistress Orchid


7p – 7:45p | Keynote “The Tao of Submission” by Orpheus Black

8p – 10p | Celebrity Mix & Mingle

10p – 12a | SMUT SLAM: Where Sex & Storytelling Collide w/ Cameryn Moore | Iron Slut: Sex Educator Show Down w/ Reid Mihalko



Sean Randall Photography will be taking pictures all day in the Black Box!

Time Workshop Presenter(s)
10a – 11a Nothing But Juices and Berries, and Plenty of It: Polyamorous People of Color Chat Holiday Simmons & Che J. Long
10a – 12:15p Who We Fuck Is Political: Desire Mapping & Decolonizing Beauty Standards Ashleigh Shackelford
  Prostate Massage for Beginners Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg
  The Pursuit of Pleasure: Dirty talk, pleasure, and healing from sexual trauma Cassandra Corrado
  Reflexology For Lovers Anandalila
  Date Your Business Model: Building a Career That Thrills You AND Pays The Rent Reid Mihalko
11:15a – 12:15p Erotic Hypnosis: Sexual Healing through Hypnotherapy Lady D


Brown Bag Lunch Activity | Storytime with Monet Magnolia and Friends


Time Workshop Presenter(s)
1:30p – 3:45p Beyond “Who Gets the Check?”: Navigating Mixed-Class Relationships Lyndon Cudlitz
  G-Spot and Squirting Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg
  Transitioning and the Erotica: A Transgender Journey to Pleasure Holiday Simmons
  Flying High Under the Thud – An Introduction to Impact Play Mademoiselle Ceci
1:30p – 5p Lights, Camera, Action! The Art of Erotic Expression in Film Onyx Keesha and Dr. Vertna Bradley
  Chronic Pain Play: How to Alleviate, Express, & Work Around Chronic Pain With Kink Cassandra Perry, Charone Pagett, Bethany Stevens, Robin Wilson-Beattie
2:45p – 3:45p Abundant Love, Health and Fitness Meets Sex Saint Day
2:45p – 5p Black Liberation through Sexual Pleasure Afrosexology
4p – 5p Religion and the Politics of Sex Drew Konow
  Erotic Energy Play Anandalila


5p – 6p | Closing Keynote “The Revolution Starts in Your Bedroom” by Sunny Megatron | Closing: Marla, Tia & SDS Crew

8p | The BIG BANG!