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Sunny-Megatron-Ken-Melvoid-Berg-Eric-Barry-Full-Disclosure  Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

Superheroes of sex ed, married couple Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron are partners in every sense of the word. In addition to co-producing Showtime’s “Sex with Sunny Megatron,” they initially gained recognition writing and teaching about everyone’s favorite subject: SEX. Some of their sell-out workshops include: BDSM 101, Prostate Milking for Beginners, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Sex Toys 101, ZAP! Electric Play: Wands, TENS & More, G-spots & Squirting, and How to Give a World Class Blow Job.

In Showtime’s original series, “Sex with Sunny Megatron,” Sunny takes viewers on a journey into the world of adult play, as everyday people expose their deepest and most intimate fantasies. Always honest, funny, and sex-positive, the show provides an interesting, fresh twist on sexual exploration.

About Sunny Megatron

Sunny Megatron is a sexuality educator, writer, media personality, and pleasure products expert. She’s also the host and executive producer of the groundbreaking, sex-positive Showtime original television series, SEX with Sunny Megatron.  Named one of the 6 most savvy sexologists in North America, her work has been featured in Cosmo, Playboy, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, and CNN. Sunny’s passion is helping people become their authentic, sexual selves by learning to overcome shame and shed inhibitions. As a lifestyle BDSM enthusiast, much of her work centers around normalizing alternative sexual practices and ending sexual stigma.

You can find Sunny Megatron online at:





About Ken Melvoin-Berg

Ken Melvoin-Berg is a Chicago based TV/Movie producer, freelance writer, and has been teaching BDSM/sex for over 20 years. He is also the content creator and consulting producer of the Showtime original series “Sex with Sunny Megatron.” Ken is an “edutainer” armed with knowledge of all things sexual, a humorous lecturing style, and a professional background as an USAF veteran (medic) and degrees in medical/biology. Ken has been writing (15 books and countless periodicals) and lecturing on these subjects since 1997. Ken is known for his amazing facial hair and tattoos. For more information, visit:




Closing Keynote: The Revolution Starts in Your Bedroom

Right now most of us are concerned with the big issues. Things like the economy and the presidential election are at the top of our minds. Worrying about what we’re doing between the sheets is low on our list of priorities. But should it be? Have you ever considered how much your sexuality affects the outside world? Or if your enjoyment in the bedroom is directly impacted by your political beliefs? Join Sunny Megatron as she explores how we can reconcile our relationship between the political and personal and use what we discover as a catalyst for change.

Workshops: Prostate Massage for Beginners; G-Spot & Squirting

Me spanking in suspensionOrpheus Black

Orpheus Black – Southern California’s two time Leather Master/slave titleholder and the current Southwest Master/slave title 2016. – is also a published author and erotic educator, specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships, and extreme sexual encounters. This two-time Bawdy Story telling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and light-hearted educational events for more than a decade.

During this time, Orpheus has become one of California’s most respected educators as well as a favorite interviewee and contributor, lending his expertise to shows such as “Chocolate Radio”, “Night Calls”, “Love, Sex, and Hip Hop”, “The Sex Nerd Sandra Show”,”The Dr. Susan Block Show”, and “The Inner Circle with Neil Strauss”.

Orpheus is also a regular presenter at DomConLA and is the founder of Cirque de Sade—a high profile Dominants group whose mission is to advance the art of BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and active leadership in the D/s, Ms and fetish communities.

Keynote: The Tao of Submission 

At the heart of all human interaction lies submission. Submission to ones hopes and dreams. Submission to ones desires, and submission to ones nature. This philosophical discussion will outline how we, as fully realized human beings, can not only find more happiness in our lives, but how we can facilitate and maintain deeper emotional connections through surrendering to our nature, our social / sexual partnerships, and ourselves. Orpheus will examine the concept of submission and its historic significance, as well as discuss how submission can help us alleviate many of the modern day issues that prevent us from achieving real connection.

Workshops: Bondage & Meditation; The Erotic Art of Fire Play

megallen-smSinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith is a genderqueer kinky butch writer who teaches and performs, specializing in sexualities, genders, and relationships. They’ve written at sugarbutch.net since 2006, recognized numerous places as one of the Top Sex Blogs. Sinclair’s gender theory and queer erotica is widely published in anthologies likeTake Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, and online at Feministing, Autostraddle, AfterEllen, and more; they are the editor of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 and Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, both published by Cleis Press. Sweet & Rough: Sixteen Stories of Queer Smut, Sinclair’s first book of short erotic stories, was published in 2014. They use the pronouns they, them, theirs, themself, and live in Oakland, CA with their boy.

Keynote: Sexual Politics of BDSM

We all have some ideas about what it means to be a top or a masochist, but what does it mean to be an ethical, feminist dominant or an empowered submissive? And why do we assume that submissives are unempowered or dominants aren’t ethical, anyway? What’s the difference between BDSM and abuse? Is it healthy to engage in kinky sex play? Sinclair thinks so. BDSM is the pursuit of giving and receiving pleasure through bold sensation, deep trust, and the consensual exchange of temporarily giving up power or taking on authority over another. Sinclair’s twenty years of experience with kink and background in social justice will explore how consent and agency are key issues in feminism, and how they work in kinky explorations. Come and listen to some of the key theories of BDSM.

Workshops: Cock Confidence; Trigger Warning: Staying Cool, Calm, & Collected in a Seriously Fucked-Up World

Afro headshotTyomi Morgan

Passionate, innovative and ambitious are just a few words to describe the model-turned-Sexpert Tyomi Morgan. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois Tyomi began her career as a model working for local designers, artists and national brands; and eventually landed a contending spot on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10. The opportunity was short lived, but after leaving the show, Tyomi decided to use her influence for good. Possessing a love for all things sexual, and seeing a lack of modern-day edge in presenting sex education, the “Glamazon” (as she is commonly known as) decided to begin a blog all about sex. And this is how glamerotica101.com was born in September of 2011.

Originally created for the modern lady, Glamerotica101.com was inspired by women across the globe who have been left heartbroken and unsatisfied sexually. After receiving an overwhelming response from men who desired to improve their sex lives, Tyomi extended her knowledge to both sexes. Over the course of four years, Tyomi has launched a Youtube channel that reaches lovers worldwide, bringing in 1.7 million views monthly and climbing, and she has appeared on several radio shows including Naomi Banxxx’s Chocolate Radio, Playboy Radio with Maya Jordan, Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI, Chicago’s B96 and many others. She has also been featured as a favorite Sexpert on Comedy’s Central’s popular sketch comedy show “Tosh.0” and her blog has been referred to as a “go to source” for sex positioning and sex advice for the woman of color by activist and writer Feminista Jones. Tyomi Currently serves as the resident Sexpert and a contributing writer for Ebony.com, contributing writer for Blackdoctor.org and is currently a host on Playboyradio.com. She is also a contributing writer for “The Guardian UK”. Tyomi is currently working on her certification as a Sex Coach through the World Association of Sex Coaches and works with clients one on one to help them move towards their desired improvement in their sex lives and relationships. Get to know more about Tyomi on her website sexperttyomi.com.

Opening Keynote: Finding Your Space Within Sexuality

Sexuality is a hot topic that inspires many to explore, but society isn’t always supportive of that move. Whether looking into sexuality as a career choice or deepening knowledge for self awareness, everyone deserves to find their place within sexuality. Sexpert Tyomi Morgan gives advice for how to find your space within sexuality personally and professionally and how to combat the negative stigma often surrounded with sexual liberation.

Workshops: Pleasure Principles; Sex Mechanics 101

Returning Sex Celebs!

8L1A0477_skin_FINAL_crop2Tristan Taormino

Bio: Tristan Taormino® is an award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, radio host, and feminist pornographer. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with her Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Wesleyan University in 1993.

She is the author of eight books: 50 Shades of Kink: An Introduction to BDSM,Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation, The Big Book of Sex Toys, The Anal Sex Position Guide, Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion,Down and Dirty Sex Secrets, and two editions of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. She is a co-editor of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure, with Celine Parreñas Shimizu, Constance Penley and Mireille Miller-Young. She conceived and edited the groundbreaking collection The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edgewhich features the work of leading kink experts from around the country. She is the editor of 25 anthologies including Stripped Down: Lesbian Sex Stories andTake Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica. She was the founding editor of the Lambda Literary Award-winning seriesBest Lesbian Erotica. Her books have sold over 500,000 copies and been translated into many languages. She’s written for a multitude of publications from Yale Journal of Law and Feminism toPenthouse, and served as editor of the feminist sex magazine On Our Backs. For nine and a half years, she wrote a bi-weekly column in The Village Voice, which was awarded two Sex-Positive Journalism Awards. She has written an advice column for Hustler’s Taboo Magazine since 1999. She is the producer and host ofSex Out Loud, the top rated show on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network.

She runs her own adult film production company, Smart Ass Productions, and has directed and produced 25 adult films, including her multi-award winning debut film based on her book, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. Her documentary-style series Chemistry has won several Feminist Porn Awards, and Tristan was the first woman ever to win an AVN Award for Best Gonzo Movie forChemistry, Volume 1. Her series Rough Sex—which depicts real women’s fantasies of BDSM, dominance/submission, and kink—won the 2011 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Kink Movie, won two Audience Choice Awards at CineKink Film Festival, was nominated for three AVN Awards, and has been screened at several film festivals. Tristan was an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment for six years, during which time she created and helmed the company’s sex education line Vivid-Ed. She directed several sex ed shorts for The Smitten Kitten. In 2010, she received the Feminist Porn Trailblazer Award, and in 2012 she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

Tristan has taught hundreds of classes (on everything from negotiating relationships to female orgasms) at conferences, community events, and retail stores throughout the world. As a keynote and guest speaker at events, she’s spoken about community building, sexual liberation, and GLBT issues. She has given over 75 lectures and presentations at top colleges and universities all over North America (including Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, University of California-Santa Barbara, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and NYU) on subjects ranging from erotic empowerment to challenging the social construction of monogamy. Tristan’s work, writing and films are routinely used in college courses to explore the complex issues of relationship and sexual diversity, politics and media.

Tristan has been featured in over 200 publications including O: The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, Cosmopolitan,Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, Details, New York Magazine, Men’s Health, andPlayboy. She has been named to several media lists, including Out Magazine’s 100 Gay Success Stories of the Year and The Advocate’s Best and Brightest Gay & Lesbian People Under 30. She has appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Behar: Say Anything!, HBO’s Real Sex, NBC’s The Other Half, The Howard Stern Show, Loveline, Ricki Lake, E!, CNN, MTV, Oxygen, Fox News, The Discovery Channel, and on over fifty radio shows.

Workshop: Making Open Relationships Work

MiniRuthieGuelphDr. Ruth Neustifter

Presenting Workshops: “Lovingly Objectified: Advanced Dirty Talk Techniques” & “Lip Service: Guided Kissing Games”

Bio: Dr. Ruth Neustifter is an author, university faculty member, and sexuality researcher that joins us from snowy Ontario, Canada. They are also proud to co-chair one of the largest and longest running annual professional sexuality conferences in Canada. Ruthie happily identifies as poly, kinky, sex-queer and gender-queer. Since the late 1990s Ruthie has specialized in sexual well-being and pleasure, as well as the resilience of survivors of intimate violence. They are the author of The Nice Girl’s Guide To Talking Dirty, as well as numerous academic publications and presentations. They have given workshops throughout North American as well as in Mexico and Europe in venues ranging from homeless shelters to universities to resorts. Dr. Ruthie considers themself an advocate for pleasure, intimacy, and sex-positivity regardless of one’s past history, gender, health, sexuality, or desires.