Our Gratitude Letter

With so much that has happened over the year since we started this conference, we can’t thank everyone enough for their contributions to this conference.

First, we’d like to thank our fiscal sponsors, Frolicon, SisterSong, The People’s Pets, Lambda Legal and Thorntree Press.  Thank you to Atlanta Poly Weekend/Relationship Equality Foundation for being our A/V Sponsor and providing all the sound equipment and projectors for our conference.  Thank you to SpareParts Hardwear, Fucking Sculptures, Good Vibrations, and VacationParties.com for being raffle sponsors and providing awesome prizes.  Thank you to b Condoms, Astroglide, and To Be Modest for being product sponsors.  Thank you to Green Skin Care, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, and the Sacred Sexuality Retreat for being trade sponsors and wonderful supporters for Sex Down South.

We would also like to thank all of the folks who contributed to prizes for our BANG-O! Erotic Bingo Fundraiser every month, which includes, A Southern Touch Cuddling Company, Salacious Magazine, John Crooms Photography, Organic Blood Yoni Eggs, Mike Dunn Photography, Jewels by Jaleel, A Healing Intermission & Wellness, Dr. Eli Sheff Stefanik, Velvet Lips, Soul 4 Souls, Nandi’s Naturals, Pure Romance, Pour Up & Paint, Hermosa Makeup, Lush Body Fitness, and Waters Photography.

Thank you to all of the presenters who submitted to the conference.  We had over 100 submissions and had to make some really difficult decisions.  Thank you to all of our wonderful presenters who showed their love online and made us videos to help us promote us and themselves for this conference.  We were amazed with everything and so glad that you were able to be vulnerable in front of the camera.

A GINORMOUS thank you to all of our sex celebs who came down on their prices tremendously while we pleaded our case on why they should support us.  Dr. Tamara Campbell-Griffin – Thank you for speaking up and being a leader in the sexuality industry in the Midwest and beyond.  We are so happy that you are representing black sexuality in a number of ways and we are so proud that you were able to work with us and come to this conference.  Dr. Ruthie – Thank you for meeting with us and working with us with regards to your workshops.  We really appreciate you modifying your schedule and being able to represent Sex Down South on an International level.  Lee Harrington – Thank you for being an all-star and communicating your needs to us.  We are so proud to have you as a presenter and to represent Trans* and BDSM in our conference.  Amy Jo Goddard – Thank you for jumping into this conference head first!  We really love the fact that you were ready, willing, and so supportive of our mission.  We love your work and so excited that you are just as excited to be with us.  Tristan Taormino – Thank you for making your first debut to the South with us!  We really appreciate you coming to a new place and teaching us your awesome skills in-person!  Devi Ward – Thank you for being so accommodating and providing everything that we needed from you.  Thank you for your willingness to work with us and being a solid support for this black girl duo.  As sexuality enthusiasts, we are truly groupies of your work and are so thankful that you are coming to share your exclusive knowledge and training.

And last, but not least, thank you to our Sex Down South Crew.  Roan, Andre, Tacita, Natanya, and Estee- you all have contributed so much and have helped us with this amazing journey.  We know we demanded a lot from you and you proved to us that you were down for the movement, down for this conference, and down to help us out in any way that you could.  We love you and appreciate everything that you have done.

Always in Love,

marla_signature& tia_signature

Marla & Tia