Little Bang presented by Gigi GiTwice

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Watch and Learn as Real Sex Educators Go Head To Head and Reveal Their Best Bedroom Moves…
What better way to learn about practical sex ed that you can actually use than to watch two sex educators literally go head to head?

Tonight’s Iron Slut Sex Educators:
Reid Mihalko
SexAbled’s Robin Wilson-Beatie!

Join us for 2 humorous and insightful, sex geek-filled hours, with LIVE demos! Watch as Robin and Reid go mano a mano and blow for blow, sharing their personal stories and bed room secrets!

In this entertaining, informational, guaranteed-to-be-funny and friendly “competitive” throwdown, we’ll let the audience watch, take notes, ask questions, and, when the dust finally settles, meet these extraordinary educators and mingle with like-minded people.

Show up to this Rated NC-17 workshop designed to empower adults around their sex lives and get folks smiling!

Show up to this fun-filled workshop and learn:
*What sex educators do under the covers and how
*Their best tips and tricks (and probably not the kind you read about in Cosmo)
*Their favorite, black belt sexy-sexy time moves!
*And much, much more…
*We can’t promise you badly dubbed voice-overs or high-jinx dramma like television’s Iron Chef, but we can promise you some down-to-earth, applicable sex and relationship education. The only theme ingredient is education!

Must be over 18 to attend.

SMUT SLAM: where sex and storytelling collide

The SMUT SLAM is a community storytelling open mic, featuring real-life, first-person sex stories. SMUT SLAMMERS sign up on the night to tell a 5-minute story, and a lucky eight to ten names will be drawn at random. A celebrity judges’ panel is not judgmental at all–they just assess, and offer up some smutty tales of their own–and host CAMERYN MOORE promises you a snippet of smut from her own treasure trove. Also, get your anonymous questions and confessions ready for THE FUCKBUCKET (sponsored by Njoy)!

RULES: – no notes (this is storytelling) – no costumes or props (this is not theatre) – only five minutes (with a one-minute grace period) AND – the story must be real and have happened to you.

Since 2011, Smut Slam and its curated counterpart Smut Slam Cabaret have landed all over the world, from Montreal to Atlanta to Edinburgh UK.