Below you will find the list of workshop descriptions in alphabetical order.  We are still waiting on a few more workshop descriptions, so this is subject to change.  You can print out a pdf document by clicking Workshop Descriptions


Against Sexual Oppression: Making Sex An Intentional Practice

Presented by: Monica C. Evans

This workshop uses womanist theory, psychological archetypes, and a historical and pop culture discussion of seduction techniques to help participants get in touch with their sexual identity. This workshop will engage participants in 3 areas: sexual anticipation, sexual imagination, and creating a practice of sex. Participants will be work through journaling/creative writing, short guided meditation, and small group discussion. Participants will leave with self-awareness about their approach to sex and greater ability to create a practice around sex. This workshop discusses the questions:
– What activities are included in sex?
– How can the pleasures of sex be extended beyond foreplay/genital stimulation?
– In what ways can one create a sexual practice?


Anal Pleasure 101

Presented by: Tristan Taormino

Tristan introduces you to the world of anal pleasure in this funny, educational class about the ultimate equal opportunity erogenous zone. She covers a wide variety of topics, including: myths about anal sex; anal anatomy, the G-spot, and the prostate; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more! Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure and get all your questions answered.


Asexuality in a World of Sex

Presented by: Melissa Avery-Weir

Asexuals, wherever they stand under the “ace” umbrella, can feel very silenced in a world full of sex and sexual attraction. As people with an interest in healthy relationships and sexuality, it’s important for all of us to understand the fundamentals of what it means to be asexual, gray-asexual, or demisexual. Participants will become familiar with definitions of the orientation(s), learn some of the common experiences of asexuals, and leave with some pointers and resources on how to talk about and interact with asexuality in a compassionate, accepting way.

BDSM, Polyamory, and the Law

Presented by: Sarah Avraham (aka Lady Steele)

What legal dangers are inherent to being in the BDSM lifestyle? To being poly? The simple truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to both BDSM and the poly lifestyle. It can affect several areas in our lives, including family, criminal, civil, estate planning, healthcare, employment, business, and even landlord/tenant law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele, an attorney licensed to practice in the state of Georgia, presents BDSM, Polyamory, and the Law.


BDSM versus Intimate Partner Violence/Abuse

Presented by: Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CASA, CSE & Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D

What is the line between BDSM and abuse/intimate partner violence (IPV)? How can you tell when consent is truly given, and when it has been coerced? This presentation would first distinguish between BDSM and IPV at the technical level of consent, negotiation, ability to stop if it is not going well/safeword, aftercare, and intent. The second half of the presentation will be untangling the more difficult aspects of abuse within BDSM, community pressures to be quiet about it, and what community members can do to combat predatory behavior in BDSM communities.


Because Medical Professionals Don’t Always Know: Risk Aware Sex for Queer Cunted-Creatures

Presented by: Alicia Elan

Medical research-based knowledge about STI risk among lesbians, queer women, trans-men, and any other cunted-creatures who sleep with cunted-creatures is severely lacking. Not only are we not included in many medical studies, but doctors are often unaware of the many ways in which we have sex. As a result we are commonly told that we do not need to worry about being tested for STIs, or we are told to just use dental-damns if we ask any questions. And yet 2014 saw the first documented transfer of HIV between two female-bodied people. This workshop urges us to take charge of this knowledge for ourselves; to share what research we do have and to contextualize what is known about STIs in various ways cunted-creatures might be having sex with each other.

This workshop is for queer/lesbian cunted creatures only; no one’s sex/gender/sexuality will be questioned or policed.


Become a Sexual Communication Ninja: How to Talk About your Sex Life and Start Getting What You Want

Presented by: Amy Jo Goddard

It’s normal and common for couples to have sexual issues that need to be addressed. And all too often, people are overcome by fear and/or shame that prevents them from having the fulfilling sex life they want. Many people fear bringing up sensitive issues and worry about hurting their partner’s feelings if they want to make requests for change or improvement. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what requests even need to be made. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to bring up the subject and strategies for talking about sensitive sexual issues with lovers. We’ll do some self-assessment and practice communication techniques that will make sex talk easier and sex lives better! This is a great workshop for anyone to improve skills, and couples are encouraged to attend together. Learn to bring up topics and strategies for discussing sensitive sexual issues. Practice techniques to make your sex life better! *Couples are encouraged to attend together.


Being A Kick-Ass Ally: “How can I better support my ______ friend/child/sibling/partner?”

Presented by: Alicia Ortiz

No matter our own identities, there is always someone else with whom we can be an ally, and there are many ways to deepen our solidarity. Doing so strengthens our intimate and romantic relationships as well. Being a self-aware ally makes you self-aware in your sexuality, and thus, a more empowered lover. Workshop explores the emotional and mental work required to be a strong ally, such as:
• Self-reflection
• Acknowledging and addressing personal insecurities and biases
• Increasing awareness of our behavior and language
• Developing the confidence and compassion needed to address problematic language/behavior in our own lives
• Heightening our ability to notice micro-aggressions
• Remembering to listen more
• Navigating what kinds of questions/behaviors may be considerate and which may be intrusive and offensive
• Understanding when it is appropriate to do our own research or ask for educational resources
• Applying these introspective skills to our intimate and romantic relationships

*Workshop aimed towards people in the beginning phases of developing their consciousness around inequality and oppression as it relates to sexuality, race, class, and gender. Will be facilitated through an anti-racist, body-positive, feminist, queer, trans-inclusive, anti-ableist, anti-classist lens.


Basics and Beyond: A Burlesque How-To

Presented by: Secret City Burlesque

There’s a lot that goes into burlesque beyond having the courage to show the word what your made of. In this workshop, members of Secret City Burlesque, hailing from Athens, GA, will instruct and share their experiences in the crucial things it takes to do burlesque. Attendants can expect a basic pasty-making tutorial, answers to common costume conundrums, a better understanding of what it is like to be a part of this community, and advice on how and where to book a show, and are welcome to come prepared with questions about the technical aspects of a burlesque show. This workshop is best suited for novice burlesque dancers, but absolutely anyone is welcome. The goal of this workshop is for attendants to leave with a better understanding of all it takes to perform burlesque, beyond the dance itself, and for all of their questions to be answered. Attendants should also leave feeling they know better where to find answers to any future questions they may have about the art.


Bridges to Intimacy and Desire through Dance and Movement

Presented by: Maryasha Katz and Amelie Zurn

This experiential workshop highlights movement and dance as a bridge to intimacy and desire. Participants will be led through a series of exercises that explore breath, weight, rhythm, and exchange of lead and follow as a nonthreatening way to discover what brings us into attunement with self and others. Focus in the workshop will be on connection to self, music, and others. No dance background/experience is necessary for participation, although a willingness to have consensual body contact will be helpful. Activities will be accessible to all abilities and mobilities.  **Please bring a towel for this workshop.


Caribbean Movement – Healing Sexual Trauma through Dance

Presented by: Cassandra Fradera

This workshop begins with interactive storytelling and then invites participants to dance. Join Cassandra as she shares the dance steps she took to overcome cycles of violence and poverty as a Puerto Rican-American and the challenges of healing and PTSD recovery. This presentation combines music with story-telling and expands on the experience of dealing with trauma between two cultures and within one body.  A Caribbean Movement class follows the half hour presentation where participants learn dance moves that celebrate spirit and sexuality. Experience a fusion of Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Mergengue and Bellydance to create awareness in the body while stretching the hips and exploring weight and movement to a dynamic soundtrack from Puerto Rico and neighboring islands. The class will explore movement while incorporating technical aspects such as popping and hip-shakes. It is open to all experience levels and ends with gratitude and a circle improvisational dance. Bring an open heart and leave your shoes at the door. Celebrate the joy of recovery and the continued process of cross-cultural education.

This workshop is POC-centered, though allies are also welcome.


Coming Out to Your Therapist….and how to find a therapist you CAN come out to!

Presented by: Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D.

As a member of the poly and/or kink communities, it can be difficult to find a poly- and kink-friendly and knowledgeable therapist. Also, how do we approach these professionals about the details of our lives without knowing how they might react? Feeling intimidated, anxious, and unsure is a natural part of that process, and can be difficult to overcome. This class will address how to begin the search for a therapist, and how to find those who are most likely to be poly- and kink-knowledgeable and friendly. I will also discuss how to ask about openness, rates, availability, and how to judge whether any therapist is a good fit. I hope to dispel some myths about what to expect in therapy, and explain what you have the right to expect from a good therapist. I will also give an overview of how one (very) poly- and kink-friendly therapist thinks about sexual, gender and relational diversity!


Consent, The First Thing I Do with My Mouth: Developing a Personal Framework for Negotiation and Consent

Presented by: Alicia Elan

Welcome to Sex Down South! An entire conference filled with folks who love talking about sex, because sex is so much fun to talk about! You know what else can be so much fun to talk about? Boundaries, bodies, desires, triggers, safe-words and STIs! If you’re not so sure about that then come to this workshop where will discuss and practice developing frameworks for negotiation and consent that empower, affirm, and create possibilities for you and all the people you get down and dirty with! This workshop intends to strengthen consent culture by talking about how to have conversations the affirm people and their desires even if those conversations feel like they risk ruining the moment or bruising someone’s ego. Participants will leave with new frameworks for thinking about how to negotiate, what consent sounds like, and how to empower themselves and their partners to speak up for what they need in order to have incredibly satisfying sex!


Curls and Condoms: What’s Your Sexual Health Regimen?

Presented by: Kimberly Huggins & Brittany Brathwaite

The natural hair community is a dynamic and growing subculture among women of color that encourages women to reclaim who they unapologetic-ally are by embracing their natural curls, kinks and coils. Through multiple outlets such as meetups and social media, (i.e. YouTube channels, Instagram pages, blogs, vlogs) women have open, informational and honest dialogues about their hair care regimens in order to help another improve on theirs. What if we used this same approach and sense of community to foster an environment where women can also feel just as empowered and liberated to talk about their sexual health? What if conversations about our curls happened in tandem with our conversations about condoms? This workshop aims to:
– Create a safe space where women of color can began being confident and at ease with talking about sexual health.
– Draw connections between the natural hair movement and sexual health and liberation among women of color.
– Celebrate the beauty of creating a space where conversations about our curls and condoms happen in tandem and not in silos.

This workshop is for people who identify as women of color only.


Dirty Talk for the Shy

Presented by: Dr. Ruthie

Learn the secrets to developing your own style of verbal seduction from the author of The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty!  Don’t worry, though, this workshop is for practicing verbal seduction with all genders.  By the end of this interactive class even the most shy participants will leave with the skills to start talking dirty and flirting their way into a memorable predicament at this year’s event.  Whether you’re sweet and shy or bold and daring, you’re sure to have fun learning these oral skills.


Disowning Your Forefathers: Examining the Intersection of Spirituality and Privilege

Presented by: James O’Deorain

I will tell my experience of exploring my spirituality and addressing appropriation and share some methods that people can use to minimize the harm they might cause. Then using question prompts, we will have a facilitated discussion with the aim of becoming more aware and ethical in our spiritual explorations. The goals of this workshop include gaining more self-awareness, becoming a more ethical spiritual practitioner, and reducing harm to oppressed peoples caused by appropriation.


DIY Masturbation Party

Presented by: Dr. Ruthie

Be your own lover in this hands-on event dedicated to the delights of sharing in each other’s sexual energy while touching only yourself. Dr. Ruthie will host this special party with the help of their favourite lube fairies, and hand mirrors for those who like to watch themselves work it. Listen to erotic stories read out loud by Dr. Ruthie, focus on the sounds of your fellow self-lovers, or bring your own music and earbuds. Whether you’re a pro at fingering it out, or a novice to the joys of wanking, you’re sure to enjoy the erotic experience of this sexually charged environment. All participants are expected to stay rooted, this is not an event for those seeking to wander and watch. You are invited to bring pillows, blankets, towels, sex toys, or whatever other tools you like to use for self pleasuring. All genders and sexualities are warmly invited to join in the fun.


Emotional Fidelity

Presented by: Catherine Gross defines fidelity as strict observance of promises, duties, etc. Fidelity is not just a concept of monogomy– it’s for relationships of all types and sizes. Explore concepts of fidelity to ensure solid polyamorous relationships. This is a multi-layered presentation to strengthen your poly, keep your relationships solid and make them sustainable. This workshop will present 20+ concepts of poly, and provide a model that allows personal discovery.


Engaging Men in Ending Sexual Violence

Presented by: Tal Peretz, PhD

What does it mean for men to join with women as allies in preventing sexual assault and domestic violence? Sexual violence is usually framed as a “women’s concern,” despite the fact that the vast majority of people committing sexual violence are men (and 1 in 6 men experience sexual violence). Men are ideally positioned to prevent sexual violence, and in fact some men have been working to end violence against women for the last 50 years at least. This workshop will introduce the history and key concepts in engaging men, and then provide a space for participants to think about their own ability to engage in sexual violence reduction. Participants will:
– Be familiarized with the various types of anti-violence efforts that men are involved in, including those located in and around Atlanta and some that specifically organizing around race, sexuality, religion, etc.
– Consider how they are implicated in the movement to end sexual violence, and will consider their own ethical commitments and abilities to become agents for justice.


Extended Orgasm: The Path to Pleasure, Abundance and Full Gratification

Presented by: Carol Sue Young

Learn how to: expand arousal, communicate with your partner, intensify your ability to feel, become more aware of sensation and to surrender and relax into extended orgasm. A sexually gratified woman is happier, more productive, and more willing to approve of her partner. A woman who is not getting off and is ungratified in other areas in her life can harbor anger and resentments, often getting stuck in a negative mindset. Not in touch with the importance of getting off, women often leave relationships, blaming it on their partner, only to repeat the same scenario.


Fantasize No More: Tips & Tricks for Exploring the Trans Body

Presented by: Cordelia Nailong & Quest Hunter

A basic introduction to engaging in sex, relationships, and playing with a trans person.  Cis inclusive but not centered, we attempt to sketch out some of the many different kinds of respectful sex and play a trans body might find pleasurable. Includes a demo exploring the possibility trans body for sexual pleasure with sexy tips and sexual acts.


Fisting and Manual Sex

Presented by: Andre Shakti

Discover why one hand is better than none, and two hands are better than one! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers! In this class we’ll cover internal and external anatomy, negotiation and communication, as well as a multitude of variations and techniques. You’ll never look at hands the same way again!
*This class is open to individuals of all genders, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, ethnicities, and relationship structures. No live demos, but vocal participation is encouraged!


From Sexual Trauma to Health

Presented by: Catherine Gross

Sexual injury can be a very isolating experience. Many people who have sustained sexual injury believe that others don’t understand the impact or how it changes them. We’re going to discuss types of abuse, the myriad of complications abuse brings to personal sexuality and relationships, and recovery. Confidentiality and safety will be established for this potential trigger class. This is for those who experienced trauma and their partner(s).


Goddess Bodies, Mortal Minds: The Intersectionality of Black Sexuality and Respectability

Presented by: Frenchie Davis, Ariel Wright, and Rachel Spruill

Black bodies have been historically a fantasy made flesh. Saartijie Baartman (also known as Hottentot Venus) is one of the most world renowned African bodies to date. The chronicled history of the Black Venus Goddess demonstrates significant acknowledgment that the black female body is revered and cursed with the worlds’ obsession over its construction and influence. The goal of this round table is to provoke the self-actualization and emotional intelligence to overcome this pandemic. Furthermore, this round table seeks to address the goddess body’s intention to be loving, sexual, spiritual, and communal.  The presentation will examine popular culture and sexualities of black goddess bodies amongst mortal minds constrained by social, sexual, and emotional scripts that fail to honor the possessors of these bodies as sexual beings. We will discuss what happens when the goddess body becomes so marginalized, it restrains the psyche from living up to its true sexual and spiritual potential. What do societal depictions of Black Goddess Bodies” tell us about how Black women are perceived? How does the Black goddess inspire and reconfigure her sexual-emotional self while engendering the respect she is often socially and emotionally punished for demanding? We will explore this process of conjoining a goddess body with a goddess mind, spirit and behavior.


GPS: God Positive Sex

Presented by: Min. Adalphie Johnson and Rev. Lacette Cross

Can you love God and Sex too? The answer is yes. You can love God and sex and do not have to be married to enjoy the two. Too often there is a conservative interpretation of the biblical text that makes people believe that there is only one way for you to have “God positive” sex. This workshop will explore the ways we can reconcile our sexuality and spirituality for GPS. This workshop will:
– Equip participants with ways to reconcile their sexual activity with spiritual/faith belief
– Discuss the ways the bible and its interpretation impacts one’s journey to sexual wholeness
– Provide safe space to engage the biblical text in conversation with social-moral prescriptives on sexual behavior


Grey and Fabulous! How we can support and Love LGBT Older Adults as they Age

Presented by: Mandy Farsace

The United States is going grey at an alarming rate. It is currently estimated that 18% of the American population is over the age of 60. The aging of the Baby Boomer generation has caused a growth in the number of older adults in this country. While this population continues to grow it needs support. However, there is one segment of this group that is not receiving adequate support and recognition—our LGBT and Queer elders. This workshop will detail the history of stigmatization that LGBTQ older adults faced when trying to access services, and discuss what we, as sexuality professionals, can do to support aging LGBTQ peers.


Healing from Sexual Trauma: From Victim to Victorious

Presented by: Kelly Lynn Prime

This program will touch on the following: Who does sexual trauma effect? What are the different types of sexual trauma? When is the right time to begin healing? Why is sexual trauma still so prevalent in America? Where can one get help? How do we begin healing individually and collectively? The goal of the program is to educate, enlighten, and inspire participants to stop feeling like a victim of circumstances regarding not just sexual trauma but sexuality in general. Our goal is to empower participants to stop the cycles of abuse by becoming transparent and setting new standards for relationships with friends, family and lovers concerning sexuality. Our goal is also to present ways of coping with and healing sexual traumas and the guilt and shame surrounding them; to encourage participants to find their voices and break the chains of secrecy surrounding this subject. Participants will leave the workshop with resources to continue the healing begun in the program and feeling like they don’t have to go thru this process alone. A time of group healing/meditation will also be incorporated.


How To Make Good Pussy, Better (aka How To Make Good Lovin, Better)

Presented by: Taylor Sparks

This fun and informative hands on and ‘bodies on’ seminar covers the benefits of organic/eco-friendly sensual body pleasures and the dangers of conventional condoms, lubricants and non-medical grade sex toys. We then conduct a live demonstration on several Liberator Sex Pillows/Shapes showing couples how to enhance their sex and bondage lives by getting rid of their ‘flat sex’ life! GOALS: Educating participants on the dangers of conventional condoms, lubricants and non-medical grade sex toys. Demonstrating the numerous ways that sex can be enhanced and made more comfortable, especially for those with knee, back, hip challenges or disabilities utilizing Liberator sex pillows and shapes.


The Ins and Outs of Hand Sex

Presented by: Amy Jo Goddard

In today’s “Insert Tab A into Slot B”-centric culture, Hand Sex is one of the most overlooked and untapped sources of pleasure. And unlike your standard “go-to” sex equipment, the Creator gave most of us two hands with five digits each, which, when you do the math, equals way more than just doubling your pleasure! Join Amy Jo Goddard, for an entertaining, low pressure and informative workshop on how to make love to people with both male and female genitals using your hands.


Introduction to Play Parties

Presented by: The Sexual Liberation Collective

Would you like to know more about consent-based, sex-positive play parties? Have you ever thought about hosting your own? Come to this 101 workshop to learn the basics of attending and hosting sex parties and leave with a practical tool kit of best practices from the Sexual Liberators’ Collective to get you started. This workshop aims to get folks trained up on how to be sexy & safe as attendees and hosts of play parties, and reduce isolation by creating more people in the South with the knowledge to gather queer and kinky folks for responsible play.


Lingam Language Plus 9 Key Steps to Deep Throating

Presented by: Gigi GiTwice of Living Aligned Playground

This workshop is the next level of sexual love play in connecting to your man. This is a workshop for those interested in learning how to become more comfortable with going into deeper levels of lingam intimacy. We will discuss what men want us to know, the reflexology of the lingam in connection to love points throughout the body, 9 Key Steps to knock his socks off and lastly exploring touch along with fruits and oils to get the party started! Not only will we start to understand the reasons why our men always want head, but explore ways to tap deep into our own giving of the Lingam Language. GOALS: The goal of Lingam Language Plus 9 Key Steps to Deep Throating is deeper awareness of intimacy and love play. The mission of this presentation is to provide body science and man language to open the understanding of what men really want, need and desire. With this awareness, we can begin to unlock trauma and pain associated with the past to start true growth and healing within our sexual relationships.


Love the Whore You’re With!

Presented by: Andre Shakti

Each sex worker has their own understanding of both the “Sex” and the “Work” aspects of their job. We use many tools for our trade, and since these tools often include sharing parts of our bodies, our brains, and our hearts with clients, we also face many challenges in our “off-the-clock” relationships. Join professional slut Andre Shakti to discuss how we can work to strengthen our sexual and loving relationships, and how those who love us and fuck us can work to be excellent partners. We’ll be discussing what tools we can borrow from models of non-monogamy and kink negotiations (addressing jealousy, asserting and accepting desires and boundaries) as well as emphasizing the ways that work relations differ from other kinds of intimacy (navigating STIs, plus all those pesky feelings!). We’ll also touch on advocacy, building community, initiating self-care strategies, and navigating sex work burn-out. This workshop is not just for sex workers – it’s for roommates who don’t judge, for friends who remind us of the difference between our real selves and our personas, for partners who do the work of understanding the difference between what we share with clients and what we share with you, and for anyone who is curious about how workers would like to be humanized and respected.


LUBE! An In-Depth Look at Personal Lubricants

Presented by: Sarah Mueller

Personal lubricants have the ability to increase sexual pleasure, stamina, sensitivity, and relieve symptoms of sexual dysfunction; however, many widely available personal lubricants are harmful to the body’s mucous membranes, can increase susceptibility to STIs and cause infection, irritation, or allergic reactions, and lack appropriate testing and regulation. This session will increase awareness around the safety of personal lubricants by identifying their most harmful ingredients, along with attributes, such a pH and osmolality. These characteristics have been found to be extremely important in maintaining mucous membrane integrity. These topics will be discussed as they apply to consumers and manufacturers, as well as medical professionals and the future of research on personal lubricants and STI inhibiting microbicides. Reasons for using lubricants and conditions which make use of a lubricant essential to sexual activity will be discussed as they relate to safe products, product marketing, and FDA classification as “Medical Devices”. Based on a thorough body of research, the hows and whys of lubricants’ interactions with the body will be spelled out so even the least scientific mind will leave understanding what makes a lube safe, what attributes and ingredients to be leery of, as well as what preexisting conditions may exacerbate adverse reactions to lubricants. Questions are encouraged by the facilitator throughout the workshop.


Making Consent Sexy

Presented by: Tal Peretz, PhD

“Consent is Sexy” is a catchphrase of the sex-positive and 3rd wave feminist communities, and it’s totally true – but it’s also more difficult than it sounds, especially with no guidance and no practice. This workshop will construct a real-life definition of consent, discuss the difficulties and problems many of us have in living the “consent is sexy” motto, and most importantly, provide a workshop space for you to actually practice communicating about consent in ways that are comfortable, clear, and sexy! Participants will:
– Be able to describe their own real-life definitions of consent, which include sobriety, specificity, the ability to say no, and the ongoing nature of consent.
– Understand some of the challenges of communicating clearly about consent in a society that gives people unhelpful or mixed messages about sex, agency, gender, and consensual sex.
– Have the opportunity to practice both sexy (“I’d really like to lick you here”) and everyday (“I like to hug, do you like hugs? Would you like a hug?”) ways of communicating about consent, and will practice different kinds of consent communication with multiple partners.
– Have the opportunity to practice discussing, negotiating, and communicating clearly about their boundaries.


Making Open Relationships Work

Presented by: Tristan Taormino

Do open relationships really work? How do people create nontraditional partnerships that are loving and lasting? Tristan shares some of the key principles she learned from the over 100 non-monogamous folks she interviewed for her book Opening Up that can help your open relationship(s) succeed. She’ll discuss common issues and problems-from “new relationship energy” and time management to jealousy and agreement violations — and ways to address and resolve them. Tristan will offer tips on communication, negotiation, and boundary setting, as well as how to cope with change. Learn how to get to the root of jealous feelings and transform them by embracing the concept of compersion. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to the world beyond monogamy, come discover strategies to help you nurture and grow your open relationship(s).


Masturbation Will Save the World

Presented by: Alicia Ortiz

This workshop explores framing masturbation as making love to one’s self, a pathway to personal empowerment, healing, self-esteem and increased expressions of love throughout the world. Honoring ourselves and our bodies leads us to love one another. Our world needs more compassion, kindness, and affirming positive touch. We crave human connection and physical contact, but often hold ourselves back from showing another human-being tenderness and love during sex, whether engaging in casual one-night stands, or sexy friendships, or romantic partnerships. Showing ourselves love regularly – emotionally, physically, and sexually – allows us to spread that loving intention to the rest of the world, allowing us to truly be the change we wish to see. Topics include:
– There’s trauma and body-shame around masturbation for many people
– Using masturbation as a method for healing and meditation
– Framing masturbation as making love to one’s self
– Masturbation as a means to heightened body-positivity
– Safer sex
– Casual intimacy; fuck each other lovingly
– Mutual masturbation; the power and intimacy of allowing someone to experience you loving yourself
– Vulnerability is strength
– Human kindness through masturbation
– Maximized sexual pleasure

*This workshop will be facilitated through an anti-racist, body-positive, kink & BDSM friendly, polyamory-friendly, feminist, queer, trans-inclusive, anti-ableist, anti-classist, trauma-sensitive lens.


Maturing Your Genital Dialect – The Pussy Lover’s Edition

Presented by: Marla Renee Stewart

Do you think you know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to oral sex? Are you someone who just wants to ​learn some fancy new ​techniques? Or are you just orally challenged? Any way you look at it, there’s always something to learn when it comes to oral sex. Whether it’s with your long-term partner or brief lover or somebody in-between, you can use these step-by-step techniques to earn your lover’s admirability.


Navigating Kink Within Oppression

Presented by: Yoseñio V Lewis, Ignacio G. Rivera, and Hussain Turk

How does oppression play into our kink? As a person of color in the kink world, can we leave out some of our identities at the door? Are poor people apart of play parties/ kink world? Are people with disabilities seen as sexual beings? Why? Why not? Do kinksters operate in a vacuum? Is it possible to be kinky and not political? How can we respect one another and continue to navigate within the kink sphere? Participants will learn the historical genesis of oppression and its impact on kink involvement by non-white, gender-variant, differently-abled, younger or elder kinksters. Participants will commit to increasing their awareness as well as advocating for a more inclusive atmosphere in kink spaces.

**This workshop has a 50 person maximum


Navigating Your Sex Life with Reproductive Justice

Presented by: Kwajelyn Jackson, Hannah Allen, Park Cannon, Trisha Patel & Jaime Chandra

A comprehensive look at Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice through an intersectional lens. Learn how to advocate for yourself with your partners, providers, and politicians. Feminist Women’s Health Center will answer questions and help participants navigate their bodies, consent, the health care system, and their rights in Georgia. The workshop will discuss: sexual health and reproductive health care – myths, facts, and information; building the agency to have safer sex conversations and negotiating consent; and reproductive rights from the clinic to the Capitol. All genders, orientations, identities, and lifestyles welcome.


Our Intimate Selves: Examining Sex, Gender, Orientation, Intimacy, Relationship Styles and Sexual Behaviors

Presented by: Lee Harrington

When a baby is born, we lift them up and declare “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.” With one fell swoop a child’s gender identity, orientation, life experience, sexual behaviors and social interactions have been painted upon them… but we are more complex than that. In this class we will examine homosocial behavior, transgender issues, heterosexuality, chromosomes beyond xx/xy, and the cultures that affect our assumptions. From gender roles to prison sex, linguistic colonization to slut shaming, let’s look at humanity through a broader lens! Buckle up for a wild ride through the diversity of the human experience.


The Pleasure Principle: A Missing Link in Youth Sex Education?

Presented by: Renyea Colvin

This workshop explores the role of pleasure in youth sex education. Participants will engage in activities that help clarify their own thoughts on pleasure, increase understanding of the broad role pleasure plays in health, and understand the rationale for including discussions of pleasure in youth sex education. Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:
– Describe societal norms about gender and sexuality that govern youth sex education
– Describe the rationale for including discussions of pleasure in youth sex education
– Describe strategies for including conversation about pleasure in youth sex education


The Politics of the Body: How Does the Media Shape Our Attraction?

Presented by: Raquel Willis

This workshop will focus on examining how the media influences our attraction through the repetition of limited images and portrayals of sexuality, gender identity and gender expression. There will be a focus on nuance as we traverse issues like race, class and more. As well, we will look at specific instances throughout history and how those ideals continue to shape how we look at ourselves and others. From Channing Tatum, Will Smith and Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé, Ruby Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and more, be prepared to get down and dirty and discuss desire, the influences that shape them and why the beauty myth needs to be dismantled.


Radical Sex-Positive Parenting

Presented by: The Sexual Liberation Collective

Join this conversation and skill share as we talk about how to create sex-positive families and communities as queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers of young people. Facilitated by the members of the Sexual Liberators’ Collective, we will gather our collective wisdom and share some of our strategies and best practices. This workshop is for parents and care-givers of young folk to feel empowered to have more sex-positive, more affirming homes, and aims to reduce isolation for queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers.


Renaming Desire: Trans/Non-Trans Sex

Presented by: Yoseñio V Lewis and Ignacio G. Rivera

Even in 2015, the notion of sex between trans and non-trans people strikes fear and curiosity in many queer people. For trans people, how to come out and express one’s desire and physical/mental make up to a non-trans person remains a monumental hurdle. For non-trans people, how to acknowledge, accept and engage in a mutual sexual attraction with a trans person and risk rejection from various communities remains a hurdle. Within those concerns lie the issues of exoticization, race, class and plain old sexual mechanics! Our goals in this workshop are to provide an open atmosphere for people to address these issues, as well as to look at the state of sex-positivity in the queer movement. We encourage people to attend, learn and go away from the workshop having gained insight into how to have responsible, meaningful and FUN sex!


Rising like a Phoenix: Finding Success in Failed Relationships

Presented by: Rebecca Hiles

In American culture it is very easy to define a failed relationship, but defining a successful relationship is much harder. The lack of definition for what makes a successful relationship can often leave many people feeling as though they’re “failing at love”, rather than learning from their mistakes to move forward. In this workshop, participants will discuss the difference between the relationship types and learn to self-identify their own relationships. Join The Frisky Fairy as she teaches you how to become the best advocate for yourself in relationships, and turn all your failures into successes.



Presented by: Kolker

The Sanskrit word yoga means yoke or union. RopeYoga draws upon the philosophy of yoga and the Japanese art of shibari, using rope as a way of decoratively binding and building connection between two people. Participants are led through a gentle yoga warm-up and receive instruction on simple shibari forms. Couples are then guided through a series of yoga poses accentuated with shibari ties to stretch muscles, strengthen relational bonds, and promote creativity in partnership. No yoga or rope experience is necessary. Modifications for yoga poses will be provided to ensure that everyone has a satisfying experience.


Sacred Touch

Presented by: Anandalila

Our sense of touch connects us to each other and the world around us. Learn how to listen with your hands as we explore the spiritual aspects of touch in an environment of safety and non-judgment. Bring a partner or make a new friend during this experiential session. Poly groups/families are welcome. The goals of this workshop include:
– educate participants about the Eastern perspective of tantra.
– demonstrate safe, sane, spiritual interactions with erotic energy between partners.
– provide opportunities for participants to experience tantric energy exchange with each other.


Screw the Birds & the Bees, Let’s Talk About Sex

Presented by: Justyn Hintze

Did you ever get “the talk” growing up? And why do we have to say “the birds and the bees”? Let’s stop the euphemisms and get real. Whether you’re a parent, an educator, or a concerned member of your community, this interactive workshop will teach you how to answer any sex question you’re asked. And let’s be honest, “the talk” is usually very heterosexist, pleasure-negative, and abstinent focused. We’ll dive into inclusive language, comprehensive conversations about pleasure, and transparency.


Sex 4 Switches: Are You SASS’n Me?!

Presented by: -CHOC-

A comfortable environment where we, as Switches, can operate as TOPS who bottom or bottoms who TOP with other like-minded individuals. An excellent opportunity to learn from each other and offer a safe environment for people to meet and discuss Switching in and out of the bedroom! Goals of the workshop include:
1) Switch Sex/Scene Ideas: How To Achieve The Top/bottom Reversal.
2) Tips On Switching Mid Sex/Scene.
3) Tools For Maintaining Top/bottom Head Spaces.


Sex and The Plant: How Herbal Medicine Can Support A Healthy Sex Drive

Presented by: Natalie Sablon, BSN, RN

This workshop is a sensuous-healing space, where conversations are centered on the pursuit of pleasure and how plant medicine can serve to increase your sex drive, ease tension, and allow for a deep connection between body, mind, and spirit. The workshop is hands-on as you are allowed to explore making your own herbal love concoctions. This workshop will:
– Promote awareness of sacred sex medicine.
– Give participants an opportunity to expand their plant medicine knowledge.
– Provide participants with the opportunity to get hands-on experience making a herbal medicine that is specific to their desires.

* No prior herb experience is required


Sex As Medicine: Tantric Masturbation for Women

Presented by: Devi Ward

Learn to become your own sexual healer through the sacred art of self-pleasure. Learn ancient Tantric Masturbation tips for healing sexual blocks and activating your orgasmic potential.  Course includes:
* Tibetan Tantric Meditations for healing, activating, and enriching your entire sexual system
* Tantric Breathing to release trauma, increase pleasure, and expand your orgasm
* The 11 Different Orgasms for Women; where they are, what they are, and how you can begin having them!
* The Art of Self-Pleasure, Yoni Massage, and Tantric Masturbation
* Sexercises to increase sexual sensation, power, and libido!

This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and/or has female genital anatomy. Trans women, trans men, and gender non-conforming people are welcome.


Sex Magic Workers & Magical Sex Practitioners

Presented by: Lee Harrington

Many of us use the tools of sex magic, or are magical sex practitioners- be they spirit workers, ceremonial magicians, shamans, sacred whores, god spouses, or those dedicating their sex lives to the divine. If you are currently a sex worker doing magical work, a magical worker using sex as a tool, or something else that might apply- join us for a discussion of our ethics, magical practices, safer sex, networking, temple work, designing rituals, the difference between sex magic and magical sex. We will share war stories, lift up our delights, and troubleshoot with one another about our challenges as erotic and magical peers.

This workshop is for sex workers, sex magic/sacred sex practitioners, allies of the above, and individuals actively pursuing the above; it is closed to others.


Sex Positivity Through Blogging and Social Media

Presented by: Samantha Heuwagen, MA and Christopher K. Belous, PhD LMFT

Blogging has become a hot ticket to fast and lasting notoriety. Or has it? With what seems like everyone starting a blog, it is easy to get pulled into the idea that once you start writing you can become successful in a matter of just a few posts. As a feminist activist the presenters have used their skills as sex educators to help many individuals learn about sex positivity and gain confidence in the bedroom. As we worked on writing blog posts that reflected views on pop culture, feminism, and sex positivity, we faced the hard work and determination it takes to establish a successful online feminist/sexologist brand through social media. In this presentation, we will help the audience to explore how to create a safe and open environment for readers looking to learn more about their bodies, sexual desires, and the latest in everything kink. By bridging the gap between blogging and our knowledge about sex positivity, we aim to create a new era in sex education and sexual expression with the use of technology.


Sexual Healing

Presented by: The Sexual Liberation Collective

In our lives it’s virtually impossible to love open hearted without experiencing the slings and arrows of relationship trauma. Together we will take some time out from the fast pace of the conference to reflect and heal our trauma. I believe that every human being has a natural healing energy, that we all interact with universal life force energy that simply exists in the universe. During this healing space we will create a circle focused on directing our innate healing energy to offer peace and support to those who are open to receiving. Please bring an open mind and if possible an item of personal significance to add to the altar. Altar items can be found in the natural world around us perhaps a stone, pinecone or feather.


Sexy Survivors (POC only)

Presented by: Yoseñio V Lewis, Ignacio G Rivera, Minister Renair Amin, and Hussain Turk

All too often, sex is altered, damaged and/or complicated for survivors of sexual abuse. It takes time, patience and trial and error to figure out what works for us. Join us for a creative and interactive dialogue around survivors of sexual abuse and how they have navigated safe, empowering sexually healthy lives. It is also a forum for partners and allies of survivors to gain tools in supporting sexy survivors. This workshop is not a therapy session but a more of skill and strategy share. We hope to encourage success building and future dreaming dialogue as we all share stories and ideas of what has worked for sexy survivors.

*This workshop is for people of color only, with a maximum of 50 participants.


Shifting in Our Open Hearts and Poly Relationships

Presented by: Lee Harrington

Sometimes, we question whether polyamory is right for us, or whether the shape of our dynamic is a good fit for our passions, desires, and authentic selves. There are times when the world is shaky, or when a new flash of inspiration comes to the forefront and we need to jump to keep up with it. Let’s come together to discuss times when we have had challenges, doubts, fears and second thoughts about our open relationships, then turn our eye to how we have transformed one form of polyamory into another, and then another. Let’s see how we can keep our relationships sailing in the turbulent waters, and then find new harbors to call home on the other side of the uncertain waves.


Standing Up in a Crooked Room: Techniques to Help Empower Young Black Women and Girls Through Popular Culture

Presented by: Kimberly Huggins and Brittany Brathwaite

Young Black women and girls are disproportionately impacted by gender-based violence, sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy; however many programs on these issues currently fail to completely acknowledge the ways in which systemic and interpersonal oppression shape the lives and lived experiences of girls of color. Young black women and girls living through these challenges struggle with trying to stand up in a “crooked room”, as Dr. Melissa Harris Perry tells us. Our interactive workshop focuses on utilizing and learning techniques such as the language and context that is culturally familiar to adolescents in efforts to understand the world around them and how they may shape and cultivate their understanding of who they are, the relationships they have with people, and how they understand the role of violence in their lives.  Our interactive workshop aims to seek justice in the lives of young black women and girls, by building capacity among adult-allies of all races. It is our goal that through re-definition, re-claiming and resisting practices via media-literacy and its translation for public health we can help adult-allies see young black women and girls as experts on their own lives and advance our mission for self-determined lives free of violence for all.

This workshop is women- and POC-centered; allies are welcome.


The State of Abortion Care in the Deep South: Providing Radical Love and Compassion in a Hostile Environment

Presented by: The Magnolia Fund

Join the Magnolia Fund, an abortion fund that works to secure funding and practical support for low-income folks in the Southeast seeking abortion care, to have a candid discussion about defining and identifying abortion bias and stigma. This will be an interactive round table workshop and supportive safe space where personal stories and facts can be shared, personal beliefs can be discussed, and we can work together to identify ways to change both personal and cultural abortion stigma and bias. All are invited to attend this workshop, whether you plan to join the discussion or just sit back and listen!


Tantric Hatha Yoga: a clothing optional practice

Presented by: Anandalila

Discover the bliss of your own body in this gentle, clothing-optional practice for people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Get as naked as you want to be, keeping it all on, taking it all off, and anything in between. Tantric Hatha Yoga is a nonjudgmental practice that is designed to unite your body, mind, and spirit through subtle movement, attention to breath, awareness of body, and simple meditation. No yoga experience is necessary to participate. Stretch your mind and free your body!


Taste Me, Touch Me, Tease Me: Writing with the Senses

Presented by: Fiona Zedde

Put it in your mouth and tell me what you taste… For this workshop, we will let our fingers and tongues guide our pens, learning how to create vivid sensual descriptions using the five senses. Come prepared to taste, touch, and tantalize.


Telling the Stories of our Sexed Selves: A Composition Workshop

Presented by: Carlin Rushing and Sara Green

Black lesbian warrior poet, Audre Lorde writes “it is our dreams that point our way to freedom. Those dreams are realizable through our poems that give us the strength and courage to see, to feel, to speak, and to dare (39).” This composition workshop seeks to explore the way Black women can make sense and affirm their own voices, bodies, sexual identities, and more using both the poetry and movement. We will explore how words become flesh and how we can use our bodies to create new language. Participants do not need to think of themselves as poets to participate. This workshop will use linguistic and movement based tools as a resource for naming and claiming embodied experiences while navigating an ever changing world.


Toys for a SexAbled Life: Fun, unique and adaptable ways to give and receive satisfying pleasure with erotic toys!

Presented by: Robin Wilson-Beattie

Humans are sexual beings- and having a disability doesn’t change that fact of life. However, people with disabilities face unique challenges when it comes to finding toys that can be suited for their sexual needs- but that is why you think out of the box, and come up with awesome adapted solutions. Let me, Robin WB, show you some truly awesome ways to adapt and use cool products to get your groove on and be SexAbled!


Trance Dance

Presented by: Anandalila

A tantric experience designed to unite body, mind, and spirit. Borrowing from 5Rhythms, World Groove, Contact Improv, and more, we will create sacred community and body awareness through movement and touch. No dance experience is required. People of all shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move in and plan to dance in bare feet.


Transcending Tantra Stereotypes: Honoring Sexuality as Sacred

Presented by: Stephanie Kohler

This workshop will explore both classical and modern interpretations of yoga in relation to sexuality. Just as sexuality is so much more than a single label or choice of activity, yoga encompasses a broad range of ideas, practices, and beliefs. For example, although tantra is commonly understood only in relation to carnal acts, the tradition is actually much broader. We will consider the many ways in which yoga practices can empower identity and sexuality—certainly the physical effects, but also confidence, communication, and playfulness. There will also be time for more direct presentation, such as guided meditation, to explore how these traditions can affect ideas and feelings about sexuality.


We Flawless!: Journey to Gender Balance

Presented by: Che J. Long and Holiday Simmons

We didn’t all wake up like dis. While we are perfectly imperfect people and therefore flawless, for most of us we have experienced challenges and incredible vulnerabilities in affirming our multi-faceted gendered selves. This practice space will be a gender gym of rotating stations that include a “dressing room”, gender mapping, a flirting lab, and open discussion/creativity. Facilitated by queer and trans people of color, it will maintain a QTPOC lens, but is open to all.


We Want Great Sex Yesterday

Presented by: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Has your once-bubbling-sex-cauldron of passion become burnt sludge? Did you want improve your sex life weeks or even years ago? The sexperts will tell you “communication” is the answer, but how do we actually do that when we’re competing with Netflix, Facebook, and a million other distractions? Let me help you. Please! This workshop will be simple. You’ll re-learn how to keep relationships sustainably sexy. You’ll walk away with easy solutions, super clever ways to enhance the sex between you and your significant other(s), and have the tools you need to get back to great sex.


“What Kind of Beloved is Your Beloved?” Exploring the Bible and its Sexually Liberating Possibilities

Presented by: Lyndsey Godwin

Some will call it heresy, but please join us in exploring how the Bible can serve as a source of liberative sexual imagination. Judeo-Christian texts (a.k.a. “the Bible”), held by many as Sacred and Beloved Scriptures, are regularly and systematically used to perpetuate violence and dehumanize people based on who they love, how they love, and how they understand and express themselves in the world. This workshop is about reclaiming those texts for empowerment, justice, and new vision. We will discover critical and sometimes radical scriptural readings of some familiar texts, and together we will develop some of our own Biblically-based sexually liberating possibilities. Whether it’s Jesus going through puberty, the love and dedication of Naomi and Ruth, or the honoring of the Eunuch above all others, the text is full of sex; let’s discover the possibilities together.  Participants will:
– Gain increased comfort with and knowledge of critical, liberative, and justice-focused readings of Christian scriptures focused on sexuality and gender topics (included, but not limited to: liberation, black feminist, mujerista, womanist, queer, trans, feminist theologies/ideologies)
– Develop (or embrace) new scriptural readings that empower liberatory imagination.
– Practice and gain skills for creative, personal, critical readings of scripture.


Wicked, Sexy, Cancer for Lovers

Presented by: Rebecca Hiles

Whether you’re just diagnosed, currently in treatment, or in remission, living with cancer is hard. The disease becomes a part of your life and often a part of your identity whether you’re a patient or a loved one. The side effects of cancer can be harder to cope with, especially the ones that affect sex and intimacy. Join The Frisky Fairy as she breaks the taboo of talking about sex and cancer, discussing the effects of cancer on sexuality and teaches you new ways to connect intimately with your partner.


Written in the Flesh: Erotic Reading

Presented by: Yoseñio V Lewis, Ignacio G. Rivera, Minister Renair Amin, and Hussain Turk

Written In The Flesh (WITF) is an annual event to bring together those warm minds, hot thoughts and steamy words in a chill and relaxing environment. Though focused on providing opportunities for People of Color to express their sexuality creatively, WITF is open to all. Created by Yoseñio and enhanced, enlivened and emboldened by Ignacio, Written In The Flesh celebrates the passion that simmers in our thoughts and our loins. As we always say, “We want what turns you on to get us off!”


Yoni Eggs & Womb Manifestation

Presented by: Tiffany Janay of Organic Blood Yoni Eggs

Your womb is your creative center and place where all life gathers nourishment. Learn how to use semi precious stones known as Yoni Eggs to manifest all your desires. Join Tiffany Janay of Organic Blood to unleash your inner Goddess and take your life to higher levels.